My Tracer offers and innovative, independent, user-friendly taxpayer's logbook system that allows the user to accurately record, calculate and manage all logbook information by simply using a cell phone. All data related to logbook keeping such as trip distances and other expenses are calculated on the SMS Fleet server and is accessible via the Internet from anywhere in the world. The start odometer reading, destination address and end odometer reading of each trip, as well as fuel purchases and other expenses are recorded from the user’s cell phone via the USSD system onto the SMS Fleet server.

Affordable Vehicle Tracking
Additional features of the FREE Taxpayer's logbook system

  • Daily fully automated reports concerning logbook data.
  • Automated calculation of up to date SARS claims for travel expenses.
  • Unique specialised software specifically developed to perform all calculations and data capturing tasks.
  • No software installation is needed.
  • Users can access all logbook information via the internet, using a unique username and password.
  • System can be fully customised to meet each individual taxpayer's personal needs by adding more than one vehicle.
  • Taxpayer's information private and protected by unique username and password (password may be changed by user at any time).
  • Users can enter logbook information to be recorded via their cell phones.

This Taxpayer's logbook system will revolutionize the way you think about managing any private or any business related logbook, while making the submission of your SARS travel claims easier than ever!