The latest offering in GPS Tracking Technology brought to you by My Tracer, this small, easy to use product is not only a cell phone but also a tracking device that will keep you in contact with your child wherever they are and is approved by most schools.

  • Limited to 3 outgoing numbers
  • SOS button for emergency SMS
  • GPS positioning on street map
  • Receive unlimited incoming calls
  • NO games, SMS or Chat rooms
  • Full parental control
  • View Child’s position on cell phone & PC at all times
  • Preferred by teachers in schools
  • Less cost for more protection

Mini-Tracer Security Benefits:

This small affordable device has very powerful security benefits for its users.
  • Anybody may phone the device and talk to the person using it.
  • My Tracer tracks the device via accurate GPS coordinates and plots the movements thereof on a street map accessible via the internet and kept for three months.
  • The information is username and password protected. Log in to the My Tracer maps site at using your cell phone, tablet or PC.
  • Apart from the three emergency numbers the user may call from the device, it has a emergency SOS button with powerful benefits.
  • In situations of emergency, and only then, the SOS button must be pressed once.
  • Our My Tracer system then receives this SOS message and automatically responds by sending a SMS to the three emergency numbers programmed on the device. It also sends a command to the device to report its location every 10 seconds to our system.
  • This message informs the recipients of these SMS messages about the emergency situation and informs them of the precise location where it is happening.
  • Not only does the device inform our system but it also automatically dials the three emergency numbers and our My Tracer 365/24/7 call center.
  • The person that answers first will be able to listen to what ever is happening at the crises point.
  • Should this be our call center, at all times awaiting emergency calls, be the first to answer, the whole conversation will automatically be recorded on our system.
  • Imagine having a recording of events and listening to what the actual emergency situation is, when informing the police thereof. This might be valuable evidence in a court of law as well.
  • Our well trained call center personnel immediately logs in and tracks the movements of the devise in real time and will call the three emergency numbers to confirm the crises.
  • They will then immediately call the SAPS and stay in contact with the SAPS informing them of the whereabouts of the device in trouble in real time.
  • Isn’t this amazing and a security device that you cannot afford go without any longer?

After receiving your Mini-Tracer:

  1. When receiving the new mini-tracer, it will be ready to make outgoing voice calls to the authorized numbers.
  2. You will now be able to track your Mini Tracer by making use of the “My Tracer” mobile website or a computer connected to the internet.
  3. Go to and login with your username and password.
For help on activating your own Simcard, click here!