Summary of Product Features & Functions



Fully web based and integrated

  • All operations and features online internet based and accessible from anywhere via computer or cell phone.

Online management possible for all products and upgrades

  • Our whole administration system is web based and online.
  • Each company has its own unique username and password to login and manage their own units.
  • The systems login feature makes it possible for clients to place their orders from the comfort of their desktop.
  • Orders include ordering a new unit, vehicle change of ownership including the unit, having a unit installed in another vehicle and/or any other request to manage changes in their fleet during the contract.
  • Upgrade a product to include more features at any time.

Accurate GPS positioning

  • The units are able to pick up 3 to 12 satellite signals to position the unit very accurately within 3 to 5 meters of the actual location.
  • Snail trails with 15 second interval plotting on maps

Username and password protected

  • All the information regarding the vehicles in a fleet are accessible via a web based map site, controlled and protected by a secure username and password.

Last position visible online and live on a PC or Cell phone

  • Select one vehicle, a group of vehicles or all vehicles and view the last live position displayed on the street map. Any internet connection via computer or cell phone may access the data, if the username and password is known.

Cell phone “.mobi” site included

  • It is possible to use a smartphone to quickly connect to the cell phone designed site to select the vehicle and view the location thereof, only if the username and password is known.

365/24/7 Call Centre

  • Our call center personnel are always available to assist clients with advice and during emergency situations.     
  • They manage new orders and coordinate job cards and installations.

SOS "Help" message sent from driver's Cell Phone

  • All permitted and registered drivers are capable of sending an SOS emergency SMS message to three nominated numbers informing them of a crisis situation. This SMS is automatically sent from our server informing recipients of the time, cell phone number of member in trouble and the location of the crisis.

Setup of your Cell Phone

  • Enter the following numbers as contacts on your cell phone
  • Access your map site          -
  • Activate vehicle alarm         - *120*1200*120#
  • Send help message            - *120*1200*2#
  • Mobilize recovery                 -   0860 482 911
  • Call our call center at          -   0861 487 223
  • Get position on USSD        - *120*1200*100#

Live real time tracking all on one screen

  • The single screen layout of the map website allows for the selection of a date from the calendar and selection of a single trip to plot on our street maps.
  • All current data about the selected vehicle is displayed including the last signal received and current street address.
  • Latest and modern, user friendly menu system to navigate to all functions and system setup pages.

National recovery network

  • All recovery operations are outsourced to ITA who specializes in that field of operation. These operations include roadside assist in cases of emergency such as high jacking’s, cargo protection, helicopter assist and across border recovery should this be indicated.

Activate a recovery operation

Dial - 0860 482 911

Product Training Tutorials stored online and kept up to date      

  • We provide easy to understand manuals, explaining how to setup all the system functions available allowing our customers to fully benefit by using all available features and built in alarms.

No need to install or update programs on your computer

  • All new additions and features added, and improvements made as the system develops are available to all customers as they happen because they are done directly on the operating server.
  • All programs are running on web based cloud servers that are hosted and maintained by the provider of the system.                               

Battery backup (8 hours)

  • The internal battery of the units will keep the units functioning for 8 to10 hours should the main battery be disconnected.

Main battery disconnect alarm

  • When the main battery is disconnected, instant SMS warnings are sent to the three nominated numbers informing them of the situation.                      
  • The main maps site screen displays the battery status of the internal and main battery at all times.

Power saving mode when stationary

  • The main vehicle battery is protected by a vibration sensor, to completely switch of the unit to 0.03 amp usage while stationary.
  • The unit reactivates again once the ignition is switched on or when movement takes place.

VSS - SAIAS approved

  • The unit functionality is tested and approved by VSS-SAIS.

Unit memory stores data for up to 3 hours

  • The units buffer and store up to 3 hours of  data and information relating to the vehicles movement, when GSM signal is unavailable, and then sends the batch when GSM signal reception is restored.                                                                    

Unit functionality self test

  • The date and time of the last signal received from a unit is displayed on the maps website at all times. Compare this with the current date and time and there should not be more than a 5 minute difference.
  • This will provide our customers with the peace of mind knowing that the unit in the vehicle is functioning.

Continuous computerized surveillance of unit’s function  

  • No need to have units tested for functionality, at service centers.
  • The server will notify our call center personnel should any unit stop functioning for whatever reason.
  • No need for our customers to keep watch of the functionality of their units, our servers never get tired of doing just that.

Client notification when unit fails for 24 hours

  • The customer will be contacted within 24 hours if the problem cannot be rectified over the air and persists.
  • After discussing the situation with a customer and no obvious reason for failure is found, a suitable date and time will be arranged for our repair technician to be dispatched to fix or replace the unit.

Units carry a 12 months warrantee period

  • Units malfunctioning for whatever manufacturing and/or component failure reason will be replaced during the warrantee period, free of charge.

Unit functionality 95% uptime guaranteed

  • Because the server monitors all the units, and shows nonfunctioning units at all times, we are able to claim this statistic.  

Early warning of unauthorized movement via SMS

  • During an alarm activated period the system will automatically send an SMS warning to the three nominated numbers of any movement of the vehicle, more than 100 meters, even if the ignition is not switched on.

Detailed Automated Logbook included

  • The unique logbook developed by us automatically registers all kilometers travelled in the logbook.
  • The logbook also manages and keeps record of all relevant vehicle and driver information when utilized correctly.
  • The user constantly needs to enter new information like fuel intake, service costs, tire replacements, battery renewals, license renewals and other expenses.

SARS accepted travel allowance claim

  • The logbook automatically logs all trips made and registers who the driver was.
  • Manage and edit between your business and private trips correctly and the logbook will calculate your travel allowance claim, utilizing the current formulas accepted by SARS, for you.

Edit between Private and Business trips possible

  • SARS will not accept a totally automated logbook. The business and private trips must be edited by the taxpayer, providing the correct information by the taxpayer himself.
  • A reason for every trip may be added.

Driver Identification Management

  • The unique driver management system uses the registered and permitted driver's cell phone number for identification.
  • All permitted drivers needs to be registered on the logbook allowing the driver to use and drive vehicles.
  • During setup and registration of drivers the logbook allows for specifying which vehicle or vehicles he/she is permitted to drive.      
  • The customers control room may allocate drivers to vehicles.
  • Permitted drivers may choose a vehicle and self allocate the vehicle before driving. Only vehicles he/she is permitted to drive and not yet allocated to another driver will be available to choose from.
  • The system then identifies and displays the driver for each trip made.
  • Reporting by driver, of all trips made during a chosen time period, including the vehicle used, start and end times of trips and duration of trips.

Manage speed fines

  • The driver identification system allows for identification of the driver during each trip made.
  • By looking at trips made in the past, the culprit will easily be identified.

Truck and Trailer management

  • Register all vehicles and trailers onto the logbook.
  • The driver or control room must allocate a trailer to each truck before driving.
  • Each driver or the control room must first unallocate a trailer then allocate the new trailer, every time trailers are changed.
  • The system will then merge the truck and trailer.

Truck and trailer separation warning

  • The driver or control room needs to unallocate the truck from the trailer when a trailer is unhooked from a truck to avoid false alarms.
  • The system warns the control room immediately via SMS, e-mail and a flag on the map site screen, when a truck and trailer is separated before it is unallocated and more than 50 meters apart.

Multi axel vehicle tyre management

  • During setup of each vehicle the customer needs to specify the amount of axels and wheels the vehicle has.
  • Record each tyre replacement in the logbook for that specific wheel and the logbook will keep track and display the amount of kilometers done by this tyre.

View tyre usage by scrolling over the wheel

  • All wheels are displayed in the logbook as a drawing of the vehicles wheels and display the usage by scrolling over the wheel with the mouse pointer.

Manage Vehicle fuel, battery & other expenses

  • Enter the new information into the logbook and the logbook will keep record and do the calculations and reporting of all expenses.

Snapshot summary of expenses monthly, yearly or total

  • The logbook displays common calculations and expenses in a snapshot window at all times.
  • The calculated average fuel usage and per kilometer vehicle expense is displayed at all times.
  • By correctly logging all new information, real averages calculated and displayed allows for easy identification of misconduct.         

Vehicle expense reporting

  • To use this facility all relevant information needs to be entered into the logbook regularly.                                                        
  • Select the vehicle and time period and the logbook will report per category the expenses incurred during that period.                                                                                          

Vehicle value depreciation reporting

  • During setup of a vehicle the customer need to enter the vehicle value, the percentage of depreciation and specify the time period.
  • The logbook will report on the depreciation amount for each time period, after
  • expiry of the specified time period and always show the current value.

Travel claims management

  • The logbook makes management very easy for any employer that pays employees a vehicle travel claim for usage of his/her own vehicle for the business.
  • The employee has to have a unit installed in the vehicle recording all trips made with this vehicle, for this to work.
  • All trips made for which a claim may be made need to be marked as business
  • trips by the employee.
  • Verify correctness of trips claimed for by viewing the snail trails of each trip.
  • While requesting a travel claim report the agreed upon amount per kilometer to be paid to an employee and the time period need to be stipulated and the logbook will do the rest.
  • The AA standard values may be implemented and adjusted according to company policy, to calculate the amount to be paid per kilometer.

Detailed trip reporting for each permitted driver

  • Select the registered driver and the time period and the logbook will report on all the trips made by this driver.                             
  • The report includes the vehicle used, start and end times of trips, duration of trips, destination address and total trip time.
  • Snail trails of all trips may be viewed on the street map site.  

Next service due warning (E-mail)

  • Enter the service interval as wel as the odometer reading, when the last service was done, in the logbook when registering the vehicle in the logbook.
  • Specify the amount of kilometers before the next service, you want the logbook to warn you via e-mail, that the next service for this vehicle is due.

Speed violation SMS notifications

  • The owner specifies the amount of kilometers per hour over the speed limit, for each zone (60, 80, 100 or 120), before he/she wants to be notified via SMS.
  • While driving, the three nominated numbers will be sent an SMS, notifying them that this vehicle is over speeding.                             
  • This is done automatically and based on the street level speed limits.
  • For this service the customer will be charged a nominal fee per SMS according to the agreed upon terms and conditions when subscribing.

Send SMS to selected or all drivers

  • Communicate with a driver, selected drivers or all drivers via SMS from the control room.

15 Second plotted snail trails on street maps

  • This provides for very accurate trip distances in the logbook because a very small percentage of distances are lost due to cutting of corners.

Calibrate odometer reading in logbook

  • Due to a small 3% loss of actual distances travelled via satellite tracking the logbook allows for calibration of the actual odometer reading.        
  • Do this at three monthly intervals and the logbook adjusts the calculations.

View one vehicle a group of vehicles or all vehicles’ positions simultaneously

  • Select the vehicle, group or all vehicles to view the current positions on the street map display.

History Trip replay on detailed street map

  • Select the date from the calendar and then the specific trip displayed for that day and click the correct button to plot the snail trail on a street map.
  • Choose street or Google maps for display.
  • Zoom in or out and pan the map for more detail as needed.                                                                                      

Start and stops as well as flagged speed violations are shown in snail trail

  • Click on any dot to display details pertaining to that position. Vehicle, driver, date, time, speed, coordinates and address.

5 Years history keeping

  • The Servers archive all information for 5 years.
  • Auto search function retrieves information from archives should that information be asked for by selection.

Auto track mode possible and also on Cell Phone

  • Auto track any vehicle by selecting the auto track mode.
  • The auto track function displays the last recorded 5 positions and automatically refreshes the screen every 30 seconds with the current position, live as it changes.

Versatile Satellite viewing possible on Google Maps

  • The ability to display and plot trips on Google Maps is possible.                                           

Alerts and notifications via SMS

  • Setting up a wide selection of SMS warnings are possible.
  • Fortify mode (Unauthorized movement), speed violation notifications, only go and no go area warnings, main battery disconnect and emergency help SOS SMS.

Grouping and color coding of vehicles

  • Organize large fleets of vehicles in groups and color code them for easy viewing.

All triggered alarm notifications in one message box

  • Display and grouping of all warnings organized in one message box for easy access and control.

Secure multi level login for multiple users

  • Large companies may allow many users to operate the system by allocating each user a secure username and password.              
  • By giving each of the permitted user’s permission to view selected vehicles, groups of vehicle’s or all the vehicles on the map website, some of the information may be kept private.

User login reporting for selected time period

  • The system keeps track of and reports on all logins into the mapping website.

“Geo-Fence” Control

  • “No-Go” means that you select a group of vehicles then mark an area on the map that these vehicles are not allowed to enter.
  • “Only-Go” means that you select a Group of vehicles then mark an area on the map which these vehicles are not allowed to leave.

Points of Interest functionality (POI’s)

  • Innovative tool that allows effective fleet management.
  • Any spot on the map may be marked as a point of interest, like offices, customers, delivery points, pickup points etc.
  • Zoom in and plot your POI’s on the Map.
  • View current position of vehicles related to your POI’s.

ID colour coding and grouping of POI's possible

  • Organize POI's like offices, customers, delivery points, pickup points etc. into groups and colors code them.                                                   
  • View POI's on the map website to edit or delete or hide them from view.                                                                             

Points of Interest visited reporting (History)

  • Request a report on which vehicle or vehicles visited which POI during a selected period and for how long as well as the distance away.

Detailed trip reports (Requested for a time period)

  • Request by selection of the vehicle and time period a detailed report of all trips made.

Real location history reporting

  • Select and mark any position on the map.
  • Then request a report on which of the vehicles in the fleet or group of vehicles visited this position.
  • Select the time period and specify the distance away from that position.
  • The report will list the vehicles and drivers and for how long it's been in that area as well as the distance away.

Auxiliary input to unit

  • Decide on what you would like to monitor and the unit will notify and record the time it was triggered and switched off as well as the duration and location of the event.
  • This may be a door that opens or closes, a truck tipping the load or a winch being activated and stopped for example.

Working hours report

  • Select the vehicle and a time period and the logbook will report on the time that the ignition of this vehicle was switched on.
  • Auxiliary input may also report on the time a door was opened and closed, a load was tipped or a winch was switched on and off, the duration and the location it happened.

Reports may be viewed, printed or e-mailed

  • Any report may be set-up to be e-mailed automatically at specified consecutive daily, weekly or monthly intervals if needed.

Custom reporting on request

  • Any special reporting request we did not think of and is possible may be added on request for all our customers to use.

Summary of highlights

  • Reliability and functionality verification of Units
  • Several SMS alarm notifications
  • Unit memory and battery saving sleep mode
  • Unique driver ID system
  • Truck and trailer management
  • Unique logbook reporting on drivers and vehicles
  • Working hours and auxiliary input reporting
  • Real location history reporting
  • Points of Interest visited reporting
  • Customized reports on request