Online ordering possible for all products and upgrades
System features upgradable to more features
Powered by sigarette lighter plug
Three pre-programmed outgoing Cell numbers
Receive unlimited incoming calls
SOS button sends SMS to three numbers
Accurate GPS positioning
Live real time and online web based system
Last position visible online and live on PC & Cell phone
24/7 Call Centre
SOS "Help" message sent from driver's Cell Phone
SOS message contains location coordinates
View all vehicle's trip info on one screen
Easy to navigate dropdown menu layout
National recovery network
Product Training Tutorials online and up to date
Immediate central updates of software
No need to install or update programs on your computer
Battery backup (8 hours)
Main battery disconnect alarm
Power saving mode when stationary
VSS - SAIAS approved
Cell phone "mobi" site included
Unit memory stores data up to 3 hours
Unit functionality self test possible
Continuous computerized surveillance of unit's function
Call Centre notification when unit fails for 24 hours
Unit functionality 95% uptime guaranteed
Unauthorized movement SMS early warning
Detailed Automated Logbook included
SARS accepted travel allowance claim
Edit between Private and Business trips possible
Driver Identification management (Driver Cell Phone as ID)
Manage speed fines
Manage Vehicle fuel, tyre, battery & other expenses
Snapshot summary of expenses monthly or total
Average fuel and per kilometer vehicle expense
View tyre usage by scrolling over tyre
Multi axel vehicle tyre management
Vehicle expense reporting
Travel claims management
Next service due warning (E-mail)
Speed violation SMS notifications
Send SMS to selected or all drivers
15 Second plotted snail trails on street maps
History Trips replay on detailed map
5 Years history keeping
Auto track mode possible also on Sel Phone
Versatile Satellite viewing possible (Google Maps)
Alerts & notifications via SMS
Grouping and color coding of vehicles
All triggered alarm notifications in one message box
Secure multi level login for multiple users
User login reporting for selected time period
Points of Interest functionality (POI's)
Colour coding and grouping of POI's possible
Points of Interest visited reporting (History)
Detailed trip reports (Requested for a time period)
Real location history reporting
Custom reporting on request
Remote panic button - optional extra