The latest offering in GPS Tracking Technology brought to you by My Tracer, this small, easy to use product is not only a cell phone but also a tracking device that will keep you in contact with your child wherever they are and is approved by most schools.

  • Limited to 3 outgoing numbers
  • SOS button for emergency SMS
  • GPS positioning on street map
  • Receive unlimited incoming calls
  • NO games, SMS or Chat rooms
  • Full parental control
  • View Child’s position on cell phone & PC at all times
  • Preferred by teachers in schools
  • Less cost for more protection

How to Activate your Mini-Tracer:

  1. First you need to obtain your own SIM card for your Mini Tracer, contract or pre-paid
  2. SMS Fleet (Pty) Ltd will use R2.00 per month of your money to do the tracking
  3. Please ensure that there are funds available on the SIM card at all times otherwise the Mini Tracer cannot communicate with our servers and the unit cannot be tracked
  4. Remove the back cover of the device and insert your SIM card under the battery
  5. Replace battery and back cover (the phone will be charged partially)
  6. Switch on the Mini Tracer using the side on/off button
  7. Wait for the Mini Tracer to start up (date & time will change automatically after a few minutes, no setting or adjustment required)
  8. Go to from your PC or cell phone and enter the login details you provided during ordering
  9. Then go to settings and enter the cell phone number of the SIM card you just inserted in the Mini Tracer
  10. Also enter the Emergency numbers (these are the numbers you allow the Mini Tracer to make outgoing voice calls to)
  11. Save the settings
  12. Your new mini-tracer is now ready to make outgoing voice calls to the authorized numbers
  13. You will now be able to track your Mini Tracer by making use of the “My Tracer” mobile website or a computer connected to the internet. Go to and login with your username and password.